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Cel·AV|vídeo a Konvent Festival will celebrate its first edition from 18th to 20th September at Konvent’s installations. It is a video art festival organized by Konvent Contemporary Cultural Center of Central Catalonia dealing with different artistic languages and landscape and culture relations.

Konvent it has always had a video art schedule at Konventpuntzero and its own agenda, despite of other media artistic projects. In fact, it was one of the Creation Centers that commemorated the 50th Mundial Video Art Anniversary (1963-2013).

First mass culture’s critics used culture itself to do it. For it, video art as a quick technic took a fast place and position at contemporary art world. After, new topics and proposals show up to video artistic projects: feminism, body, social movements, racism, environment, etc. In the other hand, video as a communication tool has engaged to multiple formats and other disciplines’ experiences: documentary, advertising, performance, cinema, etc. Video Art pieces has changed a lot by using new technologies such as analogic-digital images, internet, VHS formats, DVD, several hardware and software) and expanding video concept through TV emission, cathodic interference, closed circuits, projection, etc.  

With an open mind in relation to audiovisual creation, Cel·AV proposes a video selection made by an intensive collaboration with artists, festivals and organizers. Our proposal is double minded: show works with very high technic quality where video is an avantgarde expression display and do it out of gallery, in a very genuine emplacement. Most of the pieces, unseen in Spain, have been awarded in their own categories.    

This festival will be also very special due to its genuine location, a fabric colony convent will place a central role in the viewing experience. Old installations will become part of the art pieces, creating new deep relations between masterpiece and viewers, and viewers and surroundings.   

Last but not least, Konvent’s proposal is an author show based on different ways of seeing and options to come along art.  

Participants and collaborators here.